Remember: The Cupcakes are the Truth

As an artist lots of the advice I hear tells you to be good at this one thing and pursue it. But that’s so restrictive. I may love editorial photography but I want to do a million things. I will shoot, draw, paint, design, sculpt, write, film, doodle, whatever I want and I don’t care if its more profitable one way or the other that’s what I will do with my life.

Happy Valentines Day!
I just saw The Lego Movie and couldn’t resist drawing the main characters in humanoid form.
Continuing my silhouette series. For the Sword Art Online fans.
Monkey D. Luffy
Japan = Otaku
Gift for my brother!
Leafeon & Totodile
Christmas Gift for my friends
Gift for my friends new babies room.
Christmas gift for my Mommy!
Christmas gift for my Pokemon/Pitbull fan friend. :)